Phoenix Forgotten - PG-13

1 HR 43 MIN
Release:Apr 21, 2017
In Theatres Apr 21, 2017
Movie Details
Director: Justin Barber
Cast: Chelsea Lopez, Matt Biedel, Florence Hartigan, Luke Roberts, Justin Matthews

In the spring of 1997, a mysterious phenomenon occurs in the skies of Phoenix, AZ, witnessed by hundreds. Locals call it “ThePhoenix Lights”. It becomes known as the most validated UFO sighting in history. A teen named Josh Bishop captures footage of the event, which, to his delight, is picked up by local news outlets reporting on the strange sighting. This fuels his obsession with extraterrestrials and spurs in him a newfound thirst for the truth. With the help of his friends, Ashley and Mark, Josh heads into the desert in search of answers. All three teens are never seen again.Josh’s sister, Sarah, returns to Phoenix as a documentary filmmaker; she’s determined to uncover the mystery and learn as much as she can about her brother’s sudden disappearance. As she begins interviewing locals and delving into what happened all those years ago, she discovers a tape from the night of the disappearance. What she finds on it will haunt her, and the world, forever.

MPAA Rating: PG-13
PG-13 for terror, peril and some language.


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