The Flying Dutchman - NR

2 HR 20 MIN
Release:Sep 16, 2018
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In Theatres Sep 16, 2018
Movie Details
Director: Alex Olle
Cast: Samuel Youn, Kwangchul Youn, Ingela Brimberg, Nikolai Schukoff, Kai Ruutel, Benhamin Bruns

Richard Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman" ("Der Fliegende Hollander") is a masterpiece of the Romantic era, a gripping exploration of love, death, purity, and damnation. In this production by Alex Olle, the conflict between food and evil is a reflection of a tormented, imprisoned soul.

The Dutchman, condemned to sail across an infinite ocean until the end of time, desires only to be released from his doomed vessel and return to a life on land. The sea, infinite and transcendent, becomes a powerful metaphor for the ultimate limits imposed on man.


MPAA Rating: NR


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