Lamb - R

2 HR 2 MIN
Release:Oct 15, 2021
In Theatres Oct 15, 2021
Movie Details
Director: Valdimar Jóhansson
Cast: Noomi Rapace, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason
In the isolated depths of rural Iceland,a childless couple, Maria and Ingvar,make an alarming discovery one dayin their sheep barn: a newborn unlikeanything they've seen before.They decide to raise the girl, Ada, as their own, but sinisterforces — including one very pissed-off ewe — seem determinedto return Ada to the wilderness that birthed her.The masterful and terrifying debut feature from director ValdimarJóhannsson, Lamb excavates primal fears—of parenting, loss, and thevast and merciless wild—in a dark and unnatural folktale for the ages.
MPAA Rating: R
R for some bloody violent images and sexuality/nudity.


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